Payroll loan for retired, public and private employee

Do you need money? would you rather opt for a secure and reliable means of borrowing? Learn more about payroll loans offered by do Brasil.

It is important to inquire about the fees and conditions involved before hiring a payroll loan.

Different reasons may lead someone to take out a loan. Faced with so many options available today, payday loan is interesting because it is versatile and can be used according to needs. In addition, your fees are deducted directly from the salary or benefit, which expedites and guarantees your release and discharge.

In do Brasil, payroll loans are offered to companies and individuals, such as public or private employees and retirees or pensioners of the INSS.

See in this article the advantages, requirements, conditions and other important information to get your doubts about payroll loans from do Brasil.

How does payroll-deductible loan work?

How does payroll-deductible loan work?

has been active in the Brazilian market for some time, focusing on the economic development of the Northeast region, being the largest Bank in Latin America focused on regional growth.

With agile and selective actions, the Bank has been able to contribute significantly to improving the standard of living of the population in all states of the Northeast and in parts of the Southeast. Knowing the reality and the needs of clients, the Bank can offer effective and adequate solutions, among which the loan offers stand out.

The process starts with a credit analysis based on paycheck or payroll data. In this way, it will be possible to know if your income allows the discounts necessary for the repayment of the loan within the standards established by the Bank, which are:

  • The portion of payment related to the payee can not be higher than 30% of the salary or benefit
  • The percentage to be committed to the discharge of the loan may vary according to the paying agency or company
  • Payment shall be made in installments discounted directly on the customer’s payroll or paycheck
  • For information regarding the time for credit release, contact the

In order to be able to contract payroll loans, the company or paying agency must have an agreement with the Bank. This will enable and ensure the realization of this type of financial transaction in a safe manner. So, check with your company HR to find out about payroll covenants.

Interest rate

Interest rate

Low interest rates are a great attraction of payroll loans. However, it is important to be aware of the current values ​​at the time of hiring. In November 2018, payroll loan presented the following rates:

  • Consigned INSS: 2.07% per month
  • Private Payroll: 1.17% per month
  • Payroll Public: 1.17% per month

Deadline for payment

  • offers up to 48 months to repay the loan
  • The term may vary according to the agreement made by the company or agency


  • Rates and deadlines vary according to customer profile
  • The conditions offered are attractive compared to other banks



  • It is necessary to attend an agency of the Bank of the Northeast taking RG, CPF and proof of residence
  • If you are retired or pensioner, also carry proof of payment of the benefit


Before deciding to make the loan, it is very important to read the agreement, get all the doubts and to know about the rates and values ​​involved. Through the Total Effective Cost (CET) document, it is possible to access this information and thus compare the conditions offered by different banks, making sure to make the best choice.

Payroll deductible credit can be a great solution to take out small or large debts because your rates are deducted from your paycheck before it even falls into the account, excluding the possibility of delays and nonpayment.

However, having a lower than usual amount to pay for expenses over a few months or years may require planning and commitment. So, one should carefully analyze the pros and cons before making the loan. Taking this step recklessly can, instead of bringing a solution, bring about many problems.

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